Terms & Conditions



All sales, purchases, and partial purchases are final, non-refundable, and non-transferable. No refunds, no exchanges, no resale, and not redeemable for cash. If you fail, for any reason, to make a payment, you may void your package and purchase and you will not receive a refund. Any and all tickets, upgrades, excursions and/or activities reserved, booked, and/or otherwise selected through the guest portal for this festival are final, non-refundable, and non-transferable.

THEREFORE, the purchase of travel insurance is highly recommended. Click here for insurance information.

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Reservation: Set forth below are the Terms and Conditions of Reservation issued by Cancun Hip Hop Fest and applies to each Guest on the reservation, without exception, as set forth by Cancun Hip Hop Fest. By completing a Reservation, Guest expressly agrees to be bound by and accepts these terms as stated below and as may be amended from time to time. Such modifications and amendments to have the same force and effect as those set forth below.

Conflict Between Terms and Conditions of Reservations Issued by Cancun Hip Hop Fest and Planet Hollywood Cancun: Please note that the payment dates, reservation policies, cancellation policies, and reservation changes, set forth in Cancun Hip Hop Fest Terms and Conditions at the time of purchase supersede those policies set forth by the resort (Planet Hollywood Cancun).

Changes and Modifications to Terms and Conditions of Reservation. Cancun Hip Hop Fest and Planet Hollywood Cancun Terms and Conditions of Reservation are subject to change at any time. Such modifications and changes shall have the full force and effect as a term and condition issued at the time of Reservation or completion of registration as applicable.

Guestroom Prices: Guestroom Prices are based upon double occupancy unless designated as a “Single,” “Triple” or “Quad.” Guestroom Prices include all the amenities, accommodations and services outlined in the Guestroom Description for the Category of Guestroom selected, together with general admission events and shows produced by Cancun Hip Hop Fest. Guestroom Prices DO NOT include airfare, onsite purchases of goods and services, (including, but not limited to spa services, gifts, specialty dining or any such goods and services for which the Resort or Cancun Hip Hop Fest customarily charges a separate fee), medical expenses, and shore excursions. The Guestroom Price for 3rd and 4th Guests have the same inclusions and exclusions as stated above.

Payment Obligations Upon Completion of Reservation: Upon completion of a Reservation, Guest is obligated to pay the Guestroom Prices and Pass-Through Charges based on the full occupancy set forth in the Reservation, and any additional purchases made directly with Cancun Hip Hop Fest.

***Obligations of the Primary Guest: If the Reservation is shared by more than one Guest, the Primary Guest shall have full financial responsibility for the Reservation.
The Guest making the Reservation is considered the “Primary Guest” and is the “owner” of the Reservation. The Primary Guest will receive all communication from Cancun Hip Hop Fest, is responsible for selecting the stateroom at the time of the Reservation, and for ensuring all payments are made in a timely manner. Any change or modification to the Reservation must be initiated by the Primary Guest. It is the obligation of the Primary Guest to convey such changes and modifications to the other Guests in the Reservation.

Payment Plan Option: Cancun Hip Hop Fest By choosing the Payment Plan, Cancun Hip Hop Fest is authorized to charge Guest’s Credit Card in accordance with the payment schedule.

Method of Payment: Paying by credit card, Guest’s account will be charged on the scheduled payment dates, and Guest’s statement will reflect a charge from “9 Entertainment, LLC.”

Currency: Unless otherwise noted, all prices on the website and any fees associated will be quoted in United States Dollars (“USD”), and all payments to Cancun Hip Hop Fest will be charged in USD. International Guests may incur additional fees assessed by their bank or credit card processor.

Credit Cards/Cancellation Fees: Cancun Hip Hop Fest reserves the right to charge additional fees for returned payments, delinquent payments, missed payments, canceled cards, chargebacks, credit card changes, invalid credit cards, and cancellations because of a Guest’s failure to comply with these Terms, and Conditions of Reservation.

Non-Refundable Payments: All guestrooms, excursions and VIP upgrade payments made to date or paid in the future are Non-refundable. We strongly encourage you to purchase insurance for travel protection and/or cancellation. PURCHASE HERE